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Stunning silicone mermaid ears, customizable to match your aesthetic.  Waterproof and skin-safe.  No wire or skin-glue required.  Wearable in and out of the water for a truly immersive look. Can be worn with or without goggles.  Gloss finish.

Build your ears with Mersona Maker!

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Stunning silicone merfolk ears, customizable to match your aesthetic.  Made from the highest quality silicone, these are waterproof and skin-safe.  No wire or skin-glue required.  Wearable in and out of the water for a truly immersive look.  Can be worn with or without goggles.  Gloss finish.

Build your ears with Mersona Maker!

Once you’ve created the ears in Mersona Maker click the “Ready to BUY” button and the game will redirect you to the product page.  The page will be filled out with criteria from Mersona Maker including a game generated code.  DO NOT ALTER THE CODE which contains necessary information about the chosen colors and markings.  Invalid, missing, or altered codes will cause delays.  Next, add the item to your cart and continue shopping or check out.

How to design your ears in Mersona Maker:  Start by choosing a base color.  Next, pick any secondary or accent colors, as well as markings and color fades, if desirable.  These are optional and with each layer of customization the price increases.  When choosing colors it is best start with a lighter color base and add the darker colors over it in markings & fades.

Affordable & versatile option:  Add a color fade!  OR try adding a secondary color + accent color  which gives you 3 colors to work with, without committing to a marking pattern.  We suggest you choose colors to match your hair, eyes, or complexion, the color(s) that make up the majority of your aesthetic, or an accent color that matches your favorite accessories.

Look specific:  If you have a specific look you’d like to bring to the next level, consider committing to a marking pattern, accent color, and color fade that matches in color and style.  If the markings and colors listed here aren’t quite what you’re looking for, you can order a completely custom design instead. 

All ears are MADE TO ORDER.  Estimated to ship in 2-8 weeks.

There are many options available and we understand that might be confusing.  Play Mersona Maker to design your ears! For additional information check out the guide on how to build your own mermaid ears which contains detailed explanations of the options available, and several examples of the various colors and marking combinations.

Size & Fit Disclaimer:  These ears are “one-size-fits-all” and sold “as is.”  These can be worn in or out of the water, and typically stay on during light swimming. There is no wire or glue holding the ears to your head; it’s just silicone backed with power mesh and they may occasionally slip off.   This is not basis for a return or refund.  Understand everyone’s bodies are shaped a little differently and these ears may work better for some than others.

  • As this product is custom and made to order: all sales are final.  There are no refunds, returns, or exchanges.
  • Make sure that you’re swimming in an area you’ll be able to retrieve the ears if they slip off and sink to the bottom.
  • Not recommended for open water or natural bodies of water.  Not recommended to wear these while also wearing earrings or hearing devices.  Use at your own risk.  Always practice safe swimming.  Do not attempt to swim beyond your ability.  Never swim alone.

Design Disclaimer:  Colors and markings are approximate.  Every item is hand made for each person, as such, there may be slight variations in color / marking placement.  Additionally, colors look different on a monitor than they do in silicone.  Monitors vary from one to the next, and are backlit, so colors appear more vibrant.  Please take this into consideration when selecting colors, and understand that product received may not perfectly match as it appears on the screen of your monitor or phone.




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