“When we play make-believe we make belief in ourselves.”

Robbin Realy


Robbin Realy is the sole artist and costumer behind Realy Design LLC. His creativity and passion began as a child, making costumes and painting his face to play pretend.  In life he found community through LARP, furry, cosplay, renaissance faires and gaming.

In 2008 Robbin graduated from the Illinois Institute of Art – Schaumburg with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Game Art and Design.  Post college he began working in community theatre & as a freelance artist & costumer.  What started as creating costumes for friends, quickly transformed into serving customers across the country.

A friend gifted Robbin with his first merman experience in 2019, sparking a new passion.  He began to study sculpting and casting, expanding his offering to creations in silicone. Realy Design LLC is the manifestation of this journey, as he is called to share his creations with you.