Mersona Maker

Mersona Maker is a web game developed as a tool for the customer to use in communication and design during the purchasing process. Enjoy building custom accessories for all of your mer-looks!

Mersona Maker is FREE TO PLAY! No credit card information or account sign up necessary!

The game is created for HTML5 web browser, intended to be viewed on a computer screen. OpenGL recommended.

*Not developed for mobile.

At this time there is no “save” function. Take a screen shot or a snip of your designs in order to save and share them.

Design Disclaimer:  Colors and markings are approximate.    Colors look different on a monitor than they do in silicone.  Monitor settings vary from one to the next, and are backlit, so colors appear more vibrant.  Please take this into consideration when selecting colors, and understand that product received will not perfectly match as it appears on the screen of your monitor or phone. Every item is hand made, as such, there may be slight variations in color / marking placement.

*A mobile version of the game is in the plan, but there is no estimated release date at this time.